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5 insane things Hillary Clinton said THIS WEEK

Conservative Review

Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is receiving unprecedented media attention for a losing presidential candidate.

Wednesday, Clinton gave an interview at Recode’s 2017 Code Conference. (The transcript of the interview now available.) Here are five of the most outrageous things Clinton said.

1) Clinton’s illegal use of a private email server? “[T]his was the biggest nothing-burger ever.”

That is not what then-FBI Director James Comey said in 2016 when he explicitly said Clinton was “extremely careless” in her position of power and access. Comey laid out the case for Clinton’s negligent behavior – which led to classified information being compromised – before unbelievably reinterpreting federal law to let Clinton off the hook.

2) Trump directed the coordinated fake news

In the 1990s, Clinton claimed there was a “vast right-wing conspiracy” out to get her husband. Fast forward 20 years, and Hillary Clinton is claiming Donald Trump was the orchestrator of a conspiratorial fake news campaign in partnership with the Russians to affect the 2016 election. Talk about crazy conspiracy theories

Seriously, she said that when asked who she thought was directing the fake news in guiding the Russians: 

“Yes ... yes. I’m leaning Trump. I think it’s pretty hard not to. I think that the marriage of the domestic fake news operations, the domestic RNC Republican allied data, you know, combined with the very effective capabilities that the Russians brought. You know, basically the group running this was the GRU, which is the military intelligence arm of the Russian military and they have a very sophisticated cyber operation, in bed with WikiLeaks, in bed with Guccifer, in bed with DCLeaks.

“And you know, DCLeaks and Guccifer, which were dropping a lot of this stuff on me, they haven’t done anything since early January. Their job was done. They got their job done. So we’re going to, I hope, be able to connect up a lot of the dots …”

3) “I also think I was the victim of a very broad assumption I was going to win.”

Here, Hillary is explaining why she lost … and blames everyone but herself. She’s the victim, you see, of external outside forces – the Russians, the media, the fake news – and the only possible reason that people didn’t show up to vote for her is because they thought she was going to win anyway. Clearly it wasn’t because she was a terrible candidate, with bad ideas, and a poorly run campaign.

4) “So I never said I was a perfect candidate, and I certainly have never said I ran perfect campaigns. But I don’t know who is or did. And at some point, it sort of bleeds into misogyny.”

I stand corrected — Hillary does take credit for failing to be a perfect candidate. And the “broad assumption” she was going to win wasn’t the only reason she lost. The other reason is voters are sexist pigs, obviously.

5) Should the media stop trying to be fair? “I hope so.”

In Hillary Clinton’s world, the media’s leftist bias doesn’t go nearly far enough. She agreed with the Recode moderator that Republicans own local TV, radio, the internet (hah!), cable news (bahaha!) Just look at this exchange:

Moderator: So when you think about that ... One of the things that we were also talking about last night is Republicans own local television stations, they own radio, they’re better at the internet, that got that cable going … although there’s some issues they have over there at Fox News these days. What do you do then? Where do you leapfrog?

Because obviously the internet is the best way to leapfrog that. And let’s be honest: You have Hollywood on your side. There’s a progressive media, most people think of the media as progressive. Well you don’t, you think it’s not. Like The New York Times, for example. […]

Clinton: This goes back to the institution building. Because the media forces on the Republican side are entrenched and very effective. So you’ve got obviously Fox, but you also now have Sinclair buying 140-plus local stations. And they’re beginning to call the shots on those local stations.

There you have it. Hillary Clinton feels that the MSM is too friendly to the Right.

Liberals/Democrats own the mainstream media. Not good enough, apparently. They have Hollywood, but that’s not relevant enough for Ms. Clinton. They control the education system. Leftist ideologues monopolize power at colleges and universities. The Left dominates the sciences.

And Hillary Clinton believes things are still stacked against Democrats’ favor. The Recode interview is proof, beyond a shadow of a doubt, how much of a disaster for this country Hillary Clinton would have been as president.

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