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What Alfie Evans’ state-ordered execution is really about

Conservative Review

Drop all your illusions. The dystopian future is here. You don’t have to crack open that dusty copy of “Fahrenheit 451” on your shelf any more, because you are living in it.

Conform, or you will be burned to the ground.

Ask Alfie Evans. He has several options offering hope for him to do things like, you know, keep living, but those options were found by imposters actually calling themselves a court of law and a hospital to be wrong. It is simply time for this not yet two-year-old to accept sweet death like a big boy and stop all the fussing.

Call the firemen and burn any opinion that says otherwise. Watch and learn as Alfie’s parents are forced to stare without blinking, Clockwork Orange-style, as their son is taken off life support against their will, while police stand guard to make sure they don’t do unspeakable things like feed him and give him oxygen. The UK is treating Alfie worse than the Islamo-fascists who blow up its subways: The nation won’t seek capital punishment for murderers, but it sentences little Alfie to death. How wicked, let alone pure crazy, is that?

But before you get worked up, the state commands you to relax. All will be well. Just let the medicine go down, and Twitter will make sure Alfie Evans never trends worldwide because we're all comfortably numb with the latest Kardashian stunt.

If only we have the patience to get through this, the smart set sayeth, you dumb rubes will all see that it is for the best. Nothing is so refreshing as a cleansing fire. So get on board, or you will be burned, too.

Once Alfie is dead, there will be plenty more where that came from, in Great Britain, in America, everywhere, because this spirit of the age is legion. Its name is the state, and without exception, you will be made to care unless you become the very opposite of diversity and tolerance. You must become a tyranny. You must hate. You must destroy.

The Englishmen whose heritage is the Magna Carta and Winston Churchill now proudly starve and deprive babies of oxygen in the name of hijacking all of Western civilization and then refashioning it in the image of the Fresno State professor who cheers on terrorists and applauded the death of Barbara Bush.

The taxpayers are paying for her, just like they are gladly paying for Alfie’s death. If they tell you Alfie’s death is about cutting costs, laugh in their faces. How expensive is it to continue to fight in court to kill him and to pay the police to protect him from his own parents, rather than to simply let him go to another hospital, as his parents wish?

This isn't about cost but control. The state wants to kill this beautiful child to make an example out of him. To show the state is supreme. If it was about costs, they'd let Alfie leave. But they want to kill him in broad daylight to send a message.

That message is this: If we're willing to do this to an innocent child who can breathe on his own and has other options for care, what do you think we'll do to the infirm, the disabled, and those on the "wrong side of history" who dare defy us?

This is evil statism -- plain and simple. Can you smell the sulfur? You will. You soon will. All of you.

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