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We’re already tired of 2018

Conservative Review

Last week was the first full work week of 2018 for much of America, which means that much of the country just now got into the swing of things for the new year.

And already, if they had the time to keep track of current events aside from their busy lives, Americans were subjected to the following controversies:

  • The fall of Steve Bannon, President Trump's former senior adviser.
  • President Trump allegedly referring to certain third-world countries as "shitholes."
  • President Trump allegedly having paid hush money to keep an extramarital encounter with a porn star from coming to light.
  • Someone in Hawaii inadvertently activating the warning for an incoming nuclear missile attack.

Those controversies were generated in just one week. And it's only January 15, y'all.

Coming off a divisive 2016 election and a dizzying 2017 full of fake news and real issues, we are politically aging in dog years here. There is simply no way the average American can pay adequate attention to all that's going on, let alone have the patience to do so. Speaking for myself here, I'm a professional analyst with an almost photographic memory who is paid to comment on current events, and I can't keep up with it all.

So much is going on, I simply haven't had the time to address the convoluted Fusion GPS story, the furor over Attorney General Sessions' handling of marijuana laws, the president’s extension of the Iran deal, and so on and so forth.

It's all rather exhausting, and that's just how the anti-Trump media and Trump himself want it.

The president and the fourth estate are locked in a toxic symbiotic relationship, like a host and a parasite who each need the other to live but neither is happy about it. Such tension wreaks havoc on a mortal body, and it's wreaking havoc on our body politic as we speak.

The anti-Trump press is hoping enough of you reading this become so disgusted and exasperated that you turn on, tune in, and drop out just in time for this November's election. See, the Democratic base is already on “Tilt” for the midterm elections. They're ready to vote now and vote often. If they were any more energetic, their heads would explode, like in the cult horror classic “Scanners.”

But while that's a formidable block of votes, it's largely concentrated in the 15 percent of counties Hillary Clinton won, which isn't enough to change the balance of power in Congress. Thus, the anti-Trump media needs to suppress some GOP turnout and/or sway enough independents to lob a protest vote against the drama — despite all the positive current economic news.

However, it takes two to tango, and though it tends to believe otherwise, the media is not all-powerful. It could not unilaterally overwhelm the senses of the average American with frustrating and nauseating drama without a dance partner.

Enter the healthy ego of our commander-in-chief.

Trump craves the spotlight as much as oxygen. It's his natural habitat. After all, though he's billionaire real-estate mogul, he was primarily known to most households as a reality TV star. And make no mistake, this presidency often seems as though it is a reality show. Characters come and go at an alarming rate, like a communications director who only lasted 10 days. “Chaos” is Trump's default setting. And when he's not physically in the spotlight, he monitors the media to see what's being said about him.

Both the press and the president want him to dominate every sector of our society — albeit for different reasons. The media is attempting a not-so-silent coup at worst, electioneering for this fall at best. On the other hand, POTUS is simply an id incarnate, enjoying the single greatest ego trip known to man.

Caught in the middle is the rest of the country, already struggling to catch its breath.

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