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American revisionism vs. American surrenderism

Conservative Review

I was recently interviewed by Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press Daily” and was pleased with how our conversation turned out. His questions were balanced and thoughtful, and I was given every opportunity to make my arguments without having to waste time fending off red herrings.

So I’m predisposed at the moment to return his professional courtesy and not to destroy the man, even though he just failed a civics test that fifth graders should be able to pass before leaving elementary school.

Multiple choice: We, the people, as recognized under the American system of government, were endowed by _____ with certain unalienable rights, among them life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

A) Your inner child

B) Dead old white men

C) The angry mob

D) God

You by now have heard that in reaction to Judge Roy Moore’s GOP Senate primary victory in Alabama, Todd said Moore “doesn’t appear to believe in the Constitution” because Moore claims the answer is D.

You know, like all the Founding Fathers did.

Instead of insisting that Todd is stupid, though, might I suggest he is like most Americans — ignorant of the heritage previous generations pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to preserve and pass down to us. And it’s a costly ignorance, for as a prophet of old once observed about another exceptional culture that had abandoned its birthright, “my people perish for a lack of knowledge.”

And now you know how Judge Roy Moore was attacked and thrown out of office, not once but twice, for believing such a thing — including by Republicans and “conservatives” who weren’t ignorant of our legacy but were ashamed of it. Several of those are now cherry-picking Judge Roy Moore’s past comments and stances in order to curry favor with the likes of progressives such as Todd, while claiming to oppose them.

After all, what’s worse (or the “lesser of two evils,” as too many of you prefer)? A progressive like Todd rejecting the founding premise of the country and then consistently pursuing his flawed premise? Or an avowed conservative who gives speeches and writes fancy-worded columns agreeing with Judge Roy Moore’s constitutionally proper premise, but then trashes and/or betrays him every time he’s attempted to actually act on it?

Both are bad, and both are the reason why this nation has spent a significant amount of time and treasure the last few years suing nuns for not being sexy enough, forgetting the difference between men and women, and persecuting Christian businesses for acknowledging what the definition of marriage is.

Todd’s view is American revisionism. The milquetoast mainstream “conservative” view, however, is American surrenderism. Thus, while Todd’s worldview is on the march, the actual American view of law and justice is in retreat.

To sum up: We are lost.

That’s not to say I, as an admirer of Judge Roy Moore, agree with every tactic and every word he’s deployed in the existential battle of our time. However, in a war — cultural or otherwise — always give me the guy willing to go too far for the cause than the one not willing to far enough. Or go at all.


Admiration does not mean uniform agreement. But while Judge Roy Moore was getting his hands dirty fighting for what’s right the past 15 years, too many on the so-called Right were filing their nails. That simply won’t suffice against progressivism, which seeks nothing less than a stem-to-stern reimagining of America. Progressivism seeks to replace God with government as the ultimate authority and the church with the state as the ultimate source of truth.

So while one of the most influential journalists in America openly professes his ignorance of Americanism and also his opposition to it, the alternative offered by most of the so-called Right is a bunch of clickbait blogs full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Therefore, give me Judge Roy Moore’s way of doing something over the so-called Right’s way of not doing anything. At the very least, a man of actual principle forces those of heinous principles or none at all to reveal themselves. Light cannot win when the lines are blurred, but when they’re clear, it’s at least got a fighting chance.

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