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Baltimore, gun control, & the moral bankruptcy of liberalism

Conservative Review

What does it mean to be a liberal?

It means to be intellectually dyslexic and morally bankrupt.

Here is the view I have from where I sit just outside of Baltimore.

To begin with, we have the coalescence of an unprecedented number of national factors that threaten the security of American citizens.

  • There are record levels of immigration from the Middle East against the consent of the governed. Now there are countless numbers of homegrown and immigrant Islamic terrorists in our midst similar to the family of Saeed Farook, whose family members harbored anti-American sentiments.
  • There are almost a million illegal aliens that have been ordered deported, however they remain at large.  In addition, there are 375,000 known criminal aliens at large who have been released into our cities.
  • The Department of Justice has embarked on a program to release 46,000 felons, including many violent drug dealers or those who have committed gun crimes.  Additionally, Republicans and Democrats in Congress are working on legislation to retroactively release felons who have committed violent crimes with firearms.

Piled on to those disquieting national realities, anyone living in the Baltimore area has to contend with record high crime and homicides.

Naturally, any law abiding citizen of Maryland would want to exercise his or her Second Amendment right to protect himself and his family given the circumstances.  But guess what?

Not only is concealed carry prohibited in Maryland (except for rare exceptions), as of October 1, 2013, but anyone desiring to even purchase or rent a handgun must obtain a Handgun Qualification License (HQL).  This entails paying several hundred dollars for four hours of instruction, getting fingerprinted and monitored like a criminal by the state police. Only after that process does one enjoy the privilege of waiting potentially weeks to hear back from the police to even embark on purchasing a firearm for home defense.

While police officers are on trial for allegedly not putting a seat belt on a violent and belligerent drug dealer, a policy that was enacted only weeks before the alleged infraction, the city of Baltimore is burning.  Thanks to the “space to destroy” that was afforded to the criminals, shootings have spiked 80% since last year.  Baltimore is second only to St. Louis in the rate of homicides per capita for 2015.  Robberies have increased sharply as well.

Consequently, after passing the most draconian gun laws in the nation, “shootings” in Baltimore have increased beyond belief and parts of the city look like Gaza.  And yet liberals have the impertinence to suggest that law abiding gun owners are the problem and that we need stricter gun laws?

Now that liberals have made it so tedious for law-abiding citizens to purchase a simple handgun and only violent criminals can get their hands on a firearm, Baltimore is experiencing the most homicides per capita since records were kept.

Law abiding residents of the Baltimore metropolitan area are staring down the barrel of the gun of mob rule that is expected to break out when the cops are inevitably exonerated – either in the trial court or upon appeal to the circuit court. And so many of them will be unable to properly defend their bodies while walking the streets and even in their homes.

If your blood is not already boiling, consider the following: earlier this year the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that illegal aliens, even those about to be deported, have standing to sue in federal court for gun rights.  Also consider that, according to the courts, states have the power to pass laws prohibiting concealed carry and even limiting gun ownership – unalienable and foundational rights of our Constitution – yet those same states lack the power to pass marriage laws, even though marriage is not mentioned in the Constitution and is therefore left up to the states.

The perverted sense of justice and governance emanating from all levels of both our government and political class, coupled with the dyslexic debauchery endemic in our court system represents a fundamental threat to our democracy.  Over a decade ago, conservative jurist Robert Bork warned that we were “Slouching Towards Gomorrah.”

Well, I’m here to tell you that we are no longer slouching towards Gomorrah.  We are in it.