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Beatings and sexual assaults making a comeback to New York subways

Conservative Review

Whenever you travel to the Big Apple, just remember not to take the subway. The extra cost of a cab is worth your life, even as state and city officials sacrifice the value of your life to street thugs in order to empty the prisons.

Even before the full enactment of New York’s criminal justice reform, the predictable consequence of undeterred violent crime is already rearing its ugly head. Last Thursday, two female tourists were savagely beaten at a Brooklyn subway stop and robbed while nobody did anything to help. Surveillance video shows two suspects repeatedly beating them on the platform stairs and threatening them with a knife and taser before running off with their belongings. Welcome to New York City; enjoy your stay in America!

In a separate incident on a Manhattan subway platform a few days earlier, surveillance video shows convicted rapist George Shaw, 54, sexually assaulting an unsuspecting 18-year-old female. Shaw was convicted in 1996 of raping and sodomizing four females, including three underage girls. He was released from prison last year, and now he is accused of forcibly grabbing this subway passenger from behind. Frankly, we should be thankful Shaw was behind bars even for 22 years. 1996 was at the height of the incarceration era. Today, even someone convicted of four rapes would likely serve much less time in New York before being paroled.

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