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Bravo, Republicans. We need more of this

Conservative Review

House Republicans led by Matt Gaetz, Fla., Jim Jordan, Ohio, and Steve Scalise, La., did the right thing this week on behalf of the American people and deserve our thanks. They “stormed” the secure room (SCIF) where closed-door hearings were being held for the impeachment inquiry.

The American people are being shut out of the improper congressional proceedings that seek to impeach our duly elected president, and we’re not having it.

The Schiff Inquisition must be public, not conducted in secret merely because sleazy Adam Schiff, D-Calif., claims the American people should be kept in the dark, and he knows better.

This is a national tragedy: that a sitting, duly elected president must continue to be slandered relentlessly while a ruling mob in the House of Representatives keeps us all in the dark. This is what Democrats plan for our nation if they are allowed more power. They claim the mantle of democracy, cry about democracy lost, complain that our democracy is in shambles, and say they will do whatever it takes to rid the nation of our president and return us to the democracy they envision. But this is the democracy they envision: Secrecy, underhandedness, lies, power to a select few, and the constant threat of a coup to gain power.

But we are a representative republic, and we have representatives who must be alerted to all the facts.

So far, people in 21 states have made their voice known through their representatives who took this action, and many are champing at the bit to thank these representatives for having the fortitude to gain access to this sham impeachment. They needed to make the point that the people’s House is for the people, and we need much more of this.

Republicans lost the House in 2018, and the Beltway pundits told us that it was bound to happen, that the elections in 2016 when Republicans held the House, Senate, and presidency could not last, and that it was written in the stars, practically.

But let’s not forget the over two dozen House members who retired in 2018, citing how hard it was for them to fight. We have about 15 and counting right now who plan to retire by or in 2020. Many of them saying that it’s too hard to get things done with the Democrats in charge, and they’re uncomfortable with Donald Trump, among other complaints.

The action taken yesterday is a result of everything the Republican base has been saying about the fecklessness of the Republican Party. And thank God that Donald Trump’s fighting spirit, so embraced by the Republican Party’s base, has helped light a fire under the seats of the Republican congressman who entered the SCIF.

It cannot be said enough: Forget the media, forget the Beltway nonsense. Republicans, the American people are with you if you fight!

Since we don’t have a formal list of folks who entered the SCIF, according to the media advisory prior to the event, here are the names who planned to be in attendance. I included the Conservative Review scorecard grades with each member to show that among the Republicans who were supposed to be in attendance, many who are not even liberty-minded understand the injury being done to the American people by the “Democracy Dies in Secret” Democrats.

Jim Jordan, OH: A

Bill Johnson, OH: F

Mark Walker, NC: C

Greg Murphy, NC

Mark Meadows, NC: A

David Rouzer, NC: D

Andy Biggs, AZ: A

Paul Gosar, AZ: A

Debbie Lesko, AZ: C

Lee Zeldin, NY: F

Mo Brooks, AL: B

Gary Palmer, AL: B

Bradley Byrne, AL: D

Kevin Hern, OK: F

Markwayne, Mullin OK: D

Steve Watkins, KS: B

Russ Fulcher, ID: B

Buddy Carter, GA: F

Drew Ferguson, GA: F

Jody Hice, GA: B

Steve King, IA: C

Fred Keller, PA

Scott Perry, PA: B

Brian Babin, TX: D

Louie Gohmert, TX: A

Randy Weber, TX: C

Pete Olson, TX: F

Ron Wright, TX: A

Ken Buck, CO: B

Michael Waltz, FL: D

Bill Posey, FL: C

Ross Spano, FL: B

Ralph Norman, SC: B

Jeff Duncan, SC: A

Mark Green, TN: B

Carol Miller, WV: F

Alex Mooney, WV: B

Vicky Hartzler, MO: F

Duncan Hunter, CA: D

Ben Cline, VA: A

We know Steve Scalise, LA: F, was there as well.

A heartfelt thank you to all of these Republicans, and here’s to more fighting the absurdity of the Left. More of this will get you re-elected. More of this will help America.

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