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Commies suck

Conservative Review

Just look around you. People are staying out of politics who were once engaged because it's gotten extremely nasty. And the main reason it has gotten nasty is that too much of the political spectrum has decided that we don't have to persuade and convince any more.

All we really have to do is target, isolate, and destroy. That's the playbook of the Left, straight from Alinsky, and those on the Right who use it, unwittingly or not, join hands with communists.

We really do have to call them what they are: communists. The idea that the Left is just a party to oppose doesn’t touch the problem. The phony phrase "Democratic Socialism" the progressives use to describe their political philosophy is an impossibility and an oxymoron, since there is no keeping democracy with socialism.

There is no ignoring what is happening to us, hoping it will go away. You cannot disengage and think everything will work out for the best, because they've got a foothold, and your nation is being ripped apart.

I just read that Ajit Pai's children were harassed by Leftist communists (let's say the word) because of his efforts to deregulate the internet. What kind of piece of crap attacks the children of someone with whom they hold a political disagreement? Commies, because they suck.

I recently read a report about two women who have repeatedly sabotaged the Dakota pipeline, using gasoline-soaked rags to burn electrical boards and heavy-duty equipment, dismantling signs, and even burning a hole in the pipeline.

They are former Occupy Wall Street punks, and they claim responsibility for this stuff like ISIS does for terrorism. These people should be arrested and booked on domestic terrorism charges, because commies suck.

Advertisers on Sean Hannity's programs were outright assaulted on social media with fabricated claims that he promoted child molesters. Anyone listening to Hannity had to scratch their heads to try to figure out how the heck that idea was propagated, and in the meantime, several advertisers just took the bait and said they'd give up on him. Now, what kind of people would engage in economic warfare through psychological manipulation to prevent political freedom? Commies, because they suck.

Antifa is made of commies; Bernie's a commie; Hillary Clinton is a very scary commie whose early mentor was Alinsky, a commie who worshipped Karl Marx, who wrote the Communist Manifesto. Let’s tell the plain truth.

Whenever you see "activists" destroy some vestige of Americana, that's communism in one form or another.

The destructive nature of communism is all around us. It is manifested in the degradation of civility and decency. These people claiming they are of a higher mind are of the most destructive forces in history, rebranding themselves to blind us to their real nature.

It's something we have to recognize. At the same time, we have to recognize that our society is free and open, and so they will continue to organize and nothing can be done about it. That's the bonus-round kick to the head. And of course, if soul-sucking communism ever does take over, there will be no freedom to organize against it.

Yet some have a false sense of safety on the Right because they believe the administration and Congress have our backs. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The lack of action in a Republican congress will cause voter malaise on the Right, and since the Left is energized, it's all too possible that things will get much worse, quickly, because communism sucks.

People must stay engaged and never believe that mere politicians will keep them free. Only through individual works can we remain free. And the work never ends, because the Left is always there, pushing for a totalitarian state they can rule, where people will be punished for disagreement and liberty taken away for imagined offense.

They will not only beat you mentally, but emotionally and finally physically for refusing to comply and bend to their upside-down views. They will destroy political freedom, religious freedom, and economic freedom. They are heavily engaged in this nation right now. Just look around you and recognize the influence of communism — and how it sucks.

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