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Crowder's 'Change My Mind' series revisits 'hate speech,' challenges TCU students

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CRTV host Steven Crowder has released a new video in his "Change My Mind" series, revisiting the topic of hate speech.

Returning to Texas Christian University, Crowder declared that "hate speech isn't real" and challenged students to have a conversation with him and attempt to change his mind. The conversations were revealing.

One student claimed certain "rhetoric and speech" shouldn't be allowed because it "directly correlates and directly creates and incites violence."

Another said anti-racist speech is permissible because it doesn't cause "harm." But Crowder turned that argument around on him in support of free speech.

And, as it turns out, some progressives are so intolerant of certain kinds of speech that they actually shun other Democrats who think differently.

Check out the full video:

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