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Dan Bongino: Nice job, liberals, 'you even ruined the World Cup!'

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Filling in for LevinTV host Mark Levin on the radio Wednesday, Dan Bongino, host of the Dan Bongino Show called out liberals for bathing themselves in unnecessary misery.

Wayfair employees on Tuesday declared they would walk out in protest if the furniture company sold beds to the government, through a nonprofit, to improve the conditions of migrant detention centers about which the same liberals previously complained.

"You've got to drop 30-40 IQ points to understand the massive stupidity of the Left," Bongino said. "They're attacking Trump for a problem that's been going on since the Obama administration. The infiltration of our southern border by people who choose to not come here legally, therefore have to be detained, coming here in numbers we can't possible handle, because of incentives set up by liberals, by the way. A problem that's been going on since Obama was in office.

"Trump tries to fix some of this problem by getting some of these facilities outfitted in a more appropriate way to house kids. And when Trump tries to fix the problem by getting beds for the kids to sleep in, the liberals protest the buying of the beds."


Bongino called this the "liberal misery madness," pointing to how the U.S. Women's Soccer Team player Megan Rapinoe refused to visit the White House before she was even invited.

"This is the modern liberal! We have to clean up their mess all the time. You've got these kids sleeping on the concrete floor, and liberals like it — they want them there! They don't even want this company to sell them beds so they can sleep in an actual bed. They don't want beds. They don't want immigration judges. They don't want a border wall. They don't want new facilities. They don't want to fix Flores. They don't want to fix asylum. What they want is misery. What they want is misery. They love misery. They worship misery. Bernie, AOC, Biden, the whole crew. Kamala Harris. They love misery. Rapinoe. They want you miserable.

"Can we enjoy soccer? Hell no, you can't enjoy soccer! 'I'm going to protest the national anthem in front of a national audience. Crap all over our flag.' Nice job, good, you even ruined the World Cup!"

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