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'The Dan Bongino Show' leads the pack on the real Obamagate story

Conservative Review

With its bare-knuckles, no-holds-barred take on the truth, "The Dan Bongino Show" is leading the competition in debunking the manufactured Trump-Russia collusion scandal and exposing the real injustices committed by the Obama administration.

Last Friday, the political world was thrown into upheaval with the declassification and publication of a memorandum written by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif. This memo made extraordinary claims about FBI malfeasance, potential FISA court warrant abuses, and the politicization of the Department of Justice under the Obama administration.

For regular listeners of "The Dan Bongino Show" podcast, these revelations were unsurprising and long suspected. The memo plays just a tiny part in what is a much larger scandal involving the Obama administration's politicization of federal law enforcement agencies — a scandal Bongino has been covering extensively for almost a month now.

Beginning on his January 8 show, Bongino recorded "the most important show I've ever done," detailing what he calls the "biggest scandal in American history." Namely: How the members of the Obama administration worked to exonerate Hillary Clinton, spied on individuals surrounding Donald Trump's presidential campaign, attempted to influence the outcome of the 2016 election, and failing that, have leaked classified information to the media to undermine the Trump presidency.

“Obama spied on Trump. His team did spy on Trump,” Bongino told radio listeners on February 1, filling in for nationally syndicated radio host Mark Levin. “None of that is in dispute.” Bongino has worked on his show to answer the wider questions: How? And why?

The Nunes memo indicates that the Obama administration's FBI sought a warrant to surveil Trump campaign associate Carter Page and failed to disclose to the FISA court that the information contained in the application — intelligence from a dossier compiled by anti-Trump political partisan Christopher Steele — was paid for by the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. Knowing that the Trump presidency has been plagued from the beginning by embarrassing leaks of classified information, and knowing that former Obama administration officials such as Susan Rice and Samantha Power were responsible for "unmasking" U.S. persons involved with the Trump campaign, the suspicion is that intelligence gathered under false pretenses by the Obama administration has maliciously been abused to influence the 2016 election and damage the current president.

Speaking to Conservative Review, Bongino explained how as a former Secret Service agent, he brings a different perspective to his analysis.  "I have some familiarity with the operational workings of the White House, but also as a federal agent working these cases," Bongino said. "Swearing to warrants, swearing to affidavits, levels of evidence necessary to get search warrants and to wiretap and to surveil. And I think that perspective has been unique.”

When the government seeks a warrant to spy on an American citizen, Bongino told CR, it needs to show probable cause that the individual in question was acting on behalf of a foreign agent in violation of U.S. law.

“That background is important because they were listening in on the Trump team with what I absolutely believe are no elements of a crime whatsoever, [much] less probable cause that a crime was committed," Bongino said. "I’m saying no evidence at all — I mean, it’s all conjecture, lies, fake dossiers, circumstantial nonsense, it’s not evidence of anything, it’s not evidence of jaywalking, [much] less collusion with the Russians.”

The crux of the matter is whether the FBI officials who swore under oath to the FISA court knew that the information in the Steele dossier was unverified, partisan political junk.

“If it is shown that that person swore, under oath, to information that was in fact not true, the credibility of the other FBI investigations [this individual is a part of] is suddenly thrown into question," Bongino said.

Bongino describes the implications of the Russian collusion investigation or the Hillary Clinton email investigation being compromised by the same FBI official(s) who allegedly lied to the FISA court as a political disaster.

“You have to understand, the Democrats have based their entire anti-Trump message, agenda, the resistance — whatever you call this infantile behavior they’re engaging in — they’ve based the entire thing on the premise that Trump colluded with the Russians to win the election, and that’s why [they] lost," Bongino said.

“If all of the documentation, the affidavits and everything else that they based this on turns out to be a lie, and the very same people were involved in the Hillary investigation, where procedures weren’t followed and she was let off the hook against procedure and better judgment … I mean, how is that not a level 62 tornado through American politics?”

Bongino's unique coverage of the this story has led to astounding success. His audience is rapidly expanding, as downloads of his podcast have shot up in recent weeks as he covered the #ReleaseTheMemo controversy. On January 27, Bongino's podcast ranked among the top ten podcasts in the country in the News & Politics category on iTunes.

“We’ve been growing 10 to 20 percent a month for a long time, but we’ve seen some geometric growth over the last two or three months, and I think it has a lot to do with the Obamagate scandal," Bongino said.

It is not difficult to surmise why Bongino has enjoyed this success. The attention to detail he delivers on his show and the passion Bongino brings to this issue are evident to all who listen.

“Having been a federal agent and understanding the unbelievable power you have to take someone’s freedom away based on an investigation and evidence you can produce, this scandal scares the shit out of me," Bongino said. "It should scare the shit out of everybody.”

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