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Dan Bongino: This Florida statewide election 'may have been fleeced from right under your nose'

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Thursday evening on the radio, Dan Bongino, host of the Dan Bongino Show podcast, discussed the election recount efforts in Florida, where he resides.

Bongino filled in for LevinTV host Mark Levin, who was at the ceremony for his induction into the National Radio Hall of Fame.

While the recounts so far appear to favor Republican candidates Rep. Ron DeSantis and Rick Scott (and while most public attention has been focused on these races), there’s a state-level race “that may have been fleeced from right under your nose,” Bongino told listeners. "The Democrats are testing what they can get away with down-ballot by big distractions up at the top."

The race is for Florida’s agriculture commission, and something doesn’t smell right. At the end of Election Night, he continued, Republican candidate Matt Caldwell was ahead by roughly 40,000 votes, but he was down 5,000 votes the next day after some 77,000 “magic ballots” appeared. "No one seems to know where they came from. Were they valid, were they invalid, were they in by the deadline?"

This flip could have some big consequences for gun owners in the Sunshine State.

In Florida, Bongino explained, the agriculture commissioner is responsible for issuing concealed carry permits. While Caldwell ran as a Second Amendment advocate, his Democratic opponent ran as a staunch gun control advocate.


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