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Dear Mr. President: Get over yourself and get to work

Dear Mr. President: Get over yourself and get to work

President Trump failed the American people today.

The single most consequential piece of legislation his administration will consider is being debated in the Senate this week, and the president of the United States saw fit to use his bully pulpit to insult a pair of unserious liberal journalists instead of advance his agenda.

The two tweets President Trump sent Thursday morning are offensive. They are offensive because they are personal attacks. They are offensive because they are beneath the dignity of the presidency. And they are offensive because they are a complete and utter waste of time.

There are real problems in this country. Our health insurance markets are failing. Our economic growth remains an anemic 1.4 percent. Radical left-wing zealots are promoting violence and civil unrest. Criminal illegal aliens return to the U.S. after deportation to continue to commit crimes. Radical Islam seeks the destruction of the West.

Dealing with these issues is the job President Trump volunteered for. He was hired by the American people to enact policies that will strive to secure the liberty and safety of all Americans. Instead of pushing that agenda, instead of keeping his promises, the president has joined the liberal media and the Democrats in obstructing that agenda by diverting the national conversation away from what he is trying to achieve.

A short while ago, the president tweeted about Jamiel Shaw. Shaw's son was murdered by an illegal immigrant in 2008. Shaw’s family deserves justice, and the American people deserve the protection of law against illegal immigrant crime.

This tweet will for the most part be ignored because of the juvenile insults President Trump tweeted just before it. Jamiel Shaw’s story will be overshadowed by Mika Brzezinski’s. GOP lawmakers will be issuing words of condemnation for the president rather than congratulations for the good work his administration is doing to make America safe again.

The president of the United States should not be the enemy of his own agenda. If the president wants to remain in office in 2020, if he truly wants to keep his promises and make America great again, he needs to get over himself and get back to work for the American people.

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