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Democrats have schooled Trump in the art of politics

Conservative Review

And you thought ESPN’s hijinks vis-à-vis an Asian broadcaster named Robert Lee was perhaps the penultimate sign of the end of times.

Yes, that was a good one. But the woke singularity, as the kids say these days, belongs to another glorious twist of fate as reported by U.S. News:

“A new study indicates that by some labor-market measures, Trump’s White House tenure has been better to likely Clinton supporters than to his own base.”

Shocking, I know, that the policies of a life-long New York liberal could lead to such gleanings. But here we are, and that’s really just the tip of the iceberg for how Trump will ultimately be far better for Democrats than for his own base (unless a significant course correction occurs).

Because it’s not as if he just tied emergency hurricane spending for Texas to raising the debt ceiling, so cuckadoodledoo!

Since Trump and the GOP don’t really believe most of what the base believes, the Democrats will continue to benefit on two paradoxical fronts at once going forward. They get to have another political party actually fight for the policies they want, while simultaneously getting to bash that party for standing in the way of said policies. This is all just pro wrestling disguised as a policy debate.

So, in the case of the economy, per the examples above, the Dems get to fill their pockets as much as anyone … while still hammering the GOP as the party of greed and hater of the poor. Did anyone else see that chapter written by George Soros in “The Art of the Deal”? It’s in there, I assure you. Or maybe that’s in the follow-up chapter about the Trump presidency, titled “The Art of the Kneel.”

The real art of that playbook is how anything and everything is in there, because nothing is really in there. To Trump, a deal is ultimately possible only if you don’t back yourself into a corner with stubborn things like principles. But what Trump is finding out is that the federal government makes closing property transactions in Manhattan look like the sippy cup table at the church social.

Why? The Left has principles, that’s why. Their principles may be heinous. Or they may be hypocritical and situational. But they are also non-negotiable, and their rightful home is the precise moment they are being shoved down your throat.

The Dems may have once been temporarily thrown off that game by Trump, as were many on the Right. Heck, even I’m still trying to find my way in this temporal abyss. But old dogs like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi clearly ain’t dead yet, and that’s because Trump is the one breathing life into them instead of kicking their arse.

Concerning Obama’s illegal executive amnesty Trump promised to get rid of during the campaign, the would-be Swamp-drainer just this week nullified the 2016 election results. Anointing his new buddies “Chuck and Nancy” (as he called them), Trump said they “want to see something get done, and so do I.” And, by “something,” Trump, Chuck, and Nancy mean amnesty.

What is Trump getting in return for this olive branching? How about 15 states on bigot patrol as they sue Trump over DACA, because they say his bluster amounts to illegal discrimination against foreigners.


Good grief. Such bipartisan hackery was a bad look when Newt Gingrich tried it on by sitting on the couch next to Pelosi. It’s an even worse look now that the leader of the free world is acting like little more than a teenager, merely interested in seeing which parts of Washington, D.C., he can photobomb next.

All the while, he’s just looking for someone to adore him as much as he adores himself, which the Democrats figured out was the key to getting Trump to do what they want. Simply put on your best Freddie Mercury and sing “Somebody to Love” to Trump.

Meanwhile, progressivism continues its long march through the institutions as it always has, regardless of who wins elections around here. Lying, cheating, and stealing its way to reversing the promise of the Declaration of Independence and its claim from heaven that America is good and true and beautiful because it is endowed by the Creator.

This is some badass fourth-dimensional chess, bro. I mean, spending two years to get elected, only to impose your opponent’s policies on the American people regardless, is Trump’s shrewdest move yet. And that has to be true, because I read/heard/saw it in “conservative media.”

Speaking of which, hook me up with one of those killer “CNN is ISIS” memes. That’s all that matters. Because nothing really matters, and our continued willingness to put up with this self-parody of a presidency proves it.

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