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Dems prey on constitutional ignorance over Sessions ouster

Conservative Review

Following news that Attorney General Jeff Sessions resigned at President Trump’s request Wednesday, the left side of the aisles on Capitol Hill have gone into meltdown reaction mode.

Because of Sessions’ departure and what that might mean for special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation, some are calling this either a full-blown Constitutional Crisis™ or the beginning thereof.

Meanwhile, over on the House side, members of the incoming majority are sharpening their investigative teeth in preparation for the next session.

Sure, the House has the power and the duty to oversee the actions of the executive branch. But one wonders what they expect to find by issuing subpoena after subpoena over a completely constitutional action.

When the “Constituitonal Crisis™” drumbeats start pounding, it’s usually around the idea that the president doesn’t have the power to fire the head of some “fourth branch” board, agency, or bureau (which he does).

But this is his own cabinet appointee we’re talking about. Just in case anyone either on or off Capitol Hill needs a refresher, the Constitution doesn’t mention the Department of Justice or the office of Attorney General or the deputies thereof. Those are all creations of statute (as is the existence of the special counsel’s job).

What the Constitution actually does, however, is vest executive power in the president of the United States and give him the authority with advice and consent of the Senate to “appoint Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls, Judges of the supreme Court, and all other Officers of the United States, whose Appointments are not herein otherwise provided for.” Cabinet members are officers of the United States.

You know what a bigger constitutional crisis would be? Too many of our fellow citizens don’t seem understand how the Constitution and the separation of powers outlined therein actually work, and there are too many politicians and pundits waiting to pounce on that ignorance like a coiled spring.

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