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‘Diabolical and evil’: Mark Levin unravels the ‘insanity’ being used by the Left in the hope of impeaching Trump

Conservative Review

Friday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin decided to help "unravel matters, as the insanity swirls."

Levin discussed the latest developments in the Michael Cohen matter and the allegations being thrown at President Donald Trump for purpose of impeachment. He reminded his audience that the president is not going to be charged with a crime while he remains in office.

"As a legal matter, it's of zero consequence ... the Department of Justice acknowledges, as does the special counsel, that a sitting president cannot be indicted," Levin said. "So as a legal matter, it's irrelevant."


Levin explained that because Trump cannot be indicted, he will not have a chance to defend himself in a court of law. Trump will be tried in the media instead, and the Democrats will use special counsel Robert Mueller's report to make the case for impeachment.

"What's happened here is diabolical and evil," Levin said.

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