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Good news: The NAACP has totally vanquished racial injustice!

Conservative Review

Turns out the NAACP has an "environmental and climate justice" program. No, really, stop right there and realize what I just said.

An organization that claims heroes of the civil rights movement like Thurgood Marshall and Martin Luther King Jr. has now moved on to the canard of global warming. So in a strange way, we really should congratulate them for their success. They have apparently vanquished so much real racial injustice that they can now move on to fake racism like "climate justice."

Except while getting all woke, the NAACP slept through the following:

But when you've devolved from a social justice organization to a partisan Leftist one, there's probably not much of a market for truly confronting real inequity. Unless you can blame it on whomever is currently the face of the Republican Party, of course.

In the case of the NAACP, how much can it truly believe in the presence and danger of actual racism, if it is prone to chasing around a fiction like global warming as a solution? That’s like trying to cure cancer by cleaning out the lint in your navel. You are accomplishing worse than nothing. You are entering into delusion and passing it off as the stuff of Rosa Parks.

Which is not to say, though, that the NAACP doesn’t have honorable work left to do, provided it could just put down the propaganda and tribalism for a change. Because as it stands, the current generation of that leadership seems more interested in auditioning for faculty jobs at Berkeley, rather than actually addressing why black Americans are tragically and disproportionately incarcerated, murdered, fatherless, illiterate, jobless, and aborted.

Sure, juvenile race-baiting via "environmental justice" won’t solve any of that, but it could land you a massive donor check from the likes of Tom Steyer.

So the NAACP has a choice to make. Either become pawns to progressive elites for pay, or get back to advocating God-given rights and strengthening institutions like church and family, which are the talking points for many of MLK's greatest speeches.

Sadly, the NAACP may already have made its choice and taken the Faustian bargain, as this recent clip attests. For in that clip, the NAACP's aforementioned "climate and environmental justice director" links carbon emissions to sexual assaults.

Except the numbers say the three most likely places a woman will be raped are Botswana and South Africa, which lack modernization that produces higher carbon emissions, and Sweden -- which is supposed to be a socialist/social justice paradise.


Maybe that's because evil, whether it manifests itself as racism or rape, is the result of sin and not a lack of social engineering? The civil rights movement, not coincidentally spawned from the Christian church, used to know that. And that's why it once, successfully, used Christ-like nonviolent protest to confront that evil.

But who needs Christ when you have an "environmental and climate justice" director?

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