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GOP elites get their guy in Georgia. Will they get him in Kansas?

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Long live the great anti-establishment/anti-elitist revolution within the GOP! Right?


Continuing the streak of the near-establishment shutout of conservatives, Drew Ferguson defeated conservative Mike Crane in the runoff for the open House seat in Georgia’s third congressional district.  The Chamber of [Crony] Commerce spent $650,000 in support of Ferguson and Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif. (F, 38%) held a fundraiser for him, even though this was an open seat where party leaders should have remained neutral. Ferguson had the entire state establishment behind him, the same people who opposed the religious liberty bill that Mike Crane had championed. But of course Ferguson ran as a conservative to muddy the waters for voters. 

Thus far, conservatives have failed to elect a single conservative to the U.S. Senate this year and elected no more than five new conservatives to the 435-member House this year. What is becoming evident is that, thanks to the rigged system whereby the liberal, do-nothing Republicans use their superior funding and connections to lie to the voters and present themselves as conservatives, it is impossible for conservatives to knock off incumbents and extremely difficult to win even with an open seat. 

Now, the corrupt party apparatus is taking their show on the road and going for the final knockout.  They are challenging the few existing conservative incumbents in primaries with well-funded puppets of the Chamber of Commerce and the Big Agriculture lobby.

Next Tuesday will be the Waterloo for conservatives in Kansas’s first congressional district where a pawn of the lobbyists is challenging Rep. Tim Huelskamp, R-Kan. (A, 91%), one of the most conservative members of the House. His challenger, Roger Marshall, actually outraised Huelskamp precisely because he will be a tool for the big government trough, but he is running as an inimitable conservative. He even has the nerve to call Huelskamp a career politician when he has really been a career warrior against the elites – the same people backing Marshall. Huelskamp’s two-faced challenger is supported by a PAC that donates to Planned Parenthood. He also supports the Internet sales tax, one of the worst ideas promoted by the GOP establishment and K Street.

Hence, while our challengers struggle to raise $50,000, their challengers can easily count on hundreds of thousands from anti-free-market lobbyists who happen to also sell out to the cultural Marxists. They turn around and use that money to campaign as conservatives and paint our guys as sell-outs! You tell me how we can win with this rigged system.  If the only incumbent to lose this cycle (outside of those redistricted out of their home base) is Tim Huelskamp, that should serve as a cathartic moment for a movement that is currently homeless.    

This party is simply not working for us and it never will. We all know what needs to happen and it’s time to face the truth.  As I laid out in detail last month, the only way to elect a critical mass of conservative in each election cycle and chart a new course in the political system is to reform the current primary process, which is an enduring legacy of the early 20th century progressives, and adopt the Utah convention model.  Failure to do so will result in the same cycle of failure in which the establishment uses their money, power, connections, and media support to manipulate the electorate and lie about their identity. 

Many of you are revolted by the extremism on display at the Democrat convention.  But just remember, if we continue electing the Chambercrats to oppose them, we as may as well bring a feather to a gunfight.             

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