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GOP senator: Time to investigate Team Mueller’s leaks to the media

Conservative Review

During Attorney General Williams Barr's testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday afternoon, Sen. John Kennedy, R-La., encouraged Barr to declassify as much as possible in order to be transparent with the American people about the FBI’s Trump-Russia probe.

Discussing the origins of the Trump-Russia probe, Kennedy commented:

“I do think there were a handful of people — maybe some are still there [at the FBI] — who decided in 2016 to act on their political beliefs.”

“There were two investigations here. One was an investigation of Donald Trump. There was another investigation of Hillary Clinton. I’d like to know how that one started too,” the Louisiana senator added.

“And it would seem to me that we all have a duty, if not to the American people, to the FBI, to find out why these investigations were started, who started them, and the evidence on which they were started,” Senator Kennedy continued.

“And there’s another short way home here as well,” he told AG Barr. “All you’ve got to do is release — the president [of the United States] can — release all the documents at the FBI and the Justice Department pertaining to the 2016 election. Now you can redact national security information, but just release them instead of us going through all this spin and innuendo and leaks and rumors. Let’s just let the American people see them.”

“When you’re investigating leaks at the Department of Justice and the FBI, I hope you’ll include the Mueller team as well,” he concluded.

Conservatives have long suspected that Mueller’s team of Democrat prosecutors was leaking selective information on the investigation in order to damage the president. On Tuesday evening, the night before Barr’s testimony, a letter from Mueller to AG Barr leaked through the media.

During his testimony Wednesday, AG Barr also confirmed that the Department of Justice has “multiple leak investigations” under way. It remains unclear if that includes leaks from the Mueller team.

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