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Horowitz: New America: Cops get punished for self-defense; rioters set free

Conservative Review

George Floyd’s family is getting swift justice against the cop who killed him by all levels of the Minnesota justice system. Now who will deliver justice for the American citizens, including cops, beaten and killed and all the damaged property and disruptions? Well, prosecutors in major cities are now dropping charges even against the few rioters arrested, while pressing charges against cops involved in very dangerous self-defense situations.

David Dorn was a retired cop, with the St. Louis police department for 38 years. He was helping his friend defend his pawn shop when he was shot dead on the sidewalk Monday night by rioters. Dorn was African-American. Police currently have no suspects. His family will likely never see justice.

Where are the “legitimate grievances” to “protest” in his memory and push a narrative of systemic injustice against victims of crime that is much more systemic than police brutality? Where is all the fawning media coverage over this man?

David Underwood, another African-American law enforcement officer, was killed in a drive-by shooting protecting a courthouse in Oakland. Still no justice there.

Four other active-duty police were shot in St. Louis that night. No justice so far.

Three officers were run over in Buffalo, New York, one NYPD officer run over in the Bronx, and another run over in Greenwich Village.

A Las Vegas cop was shot in the head and is on life support.

Hundreds of cops have been injured because, contrary to the allegation of systemic police brutality, they risk their by using underwhelming force or waiting too long to deter the rioters.

What about the looters and arsonists?

D.C. police arrested 106 rioters from Friday through Monday, but the local prosecutor dropped most of the charges.

More than 400 looters in New York City were arrested, but most will be released without bail. One woman who tossed a Molotov cocktail inside a police van was merely charged with damaging property rather than attempted murder.

In Dallas, County Judge Clay Jenkins said he “fully support[ed] not booking them [the rioters].” According to the Dallas News, it was only “after reports began circulating that District Attorney John Creuzot was urging police to let the protesters go,” the DA put out a statement walking it back.

The twisted irony of these riots is that they were justified as a pursuit of justice after justice was well on its way to being served in Minneapolis, yet the protests have spawned even more death and beatings, lootings, and destruction – most of which will go 100% unpunished. Thousands of criminals are committing acts that in any other time would land them in prison for quite some time and are getting off free.

At the same time that people can riot with impunity, cops thrust into impossible situations are being fired or even threatened with prosecution. New York Mayor de Blasio called on one cop to be fired for drawing his weapon when in fact he was defending his supervisor, after the supervisor was hit squarely in the head by a brick thrown by one of the righteous protesters. Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez solicited the public to send him videos of police brutality at a time when rioters are tearing apart the city and police are placed in an impossible situation.

Thanks to government tyranny and maleficent lockdowns (now proven to be a lie by the mass gatherings), the Federal Reserve of Atlanta is projecting an unfathomable 52 percent annualized decline in GDP for the second quarter. At a time when we need to get businesses turbo-charged, nearly every business in a major city is either destroyed or unable to function properly. We have become a failed state as our government has declined to do its core job while illegally violating civil rights of business owners.

It’s the ultimate demonstration of victimizing criminals while criminalizing victims. How in the world can this be justified? As New York Mayor de Blasio told one local reporter who asked why mass riots are allowed but prayer services are prohibited, “When you see a nation, an entire nation, simultaneously grappling with extraordinary crisis seeded in 400 years of American racism, I’m sorry, that is not the same question as the understandably aggrieved store owner or the devout religious person who wants to go back to services.”

Clearly, this country is not big enough for competing views of morality that are so far apart.

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