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How House leaders can stop gender-bending ‘de-civilization’ agenda

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What is going on in North Carolina with the radical sexual identity movement fighting to redefine gender has consequences far beyond the practical use of public or even private bathrooms.  It is about eradicating any recognition of differences between the sexes in our society, the most radical form of what Mark Levin calls “de-civilization.”  One of the consequences of this movement is playing out in the annual defense bill, and if nothing is done to change the legislation, our government will establish the first precedent for a mandatory draft of women into the armed services.

Two weeks ago, the House Armed Services Committee voted for the first time to include women in the mandatory registration for Selective Service.  That provision, which was sponsored by Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) (67%-D) was designed to illustrate absurdity and embarrass Democrats for their radical social engineering in the military.  Yet, much to the sponsor’s shock, every Democrat and several Republicans took the amendment face value and agreed to pass it.  The mandatory requirement for girls to join boys in registering for Selective Service at age 18 is now housed in the NDAA under section 528.

While the Senate is marking up its version of the NDAA in committee this week and does not yet contain such an outrageous provision, the House will bring its gender-bending version to the floor next week.

Will conservatives let this display of de-civilization stand?

It’s bad enough for the social engineers to force the Marines to integrate women who volunteer for combat into direct ground combat units.  But to force all American women to physically fight for this country would make this a country not worth fighting for.

These are the consequences of completely eradicating the self-evident truth and science of the two sexes.  At present, Selective Service is nothing more than a formality for boys who turn 18, but were we to institute a draft, which is frankly not unlikely given the suicidal security policies promoted by our government on an international level, young women would be treated no different than young men.  After all, we were told by the Attorney General that recognizing differences between the sexes is akin to Jim Crow.

Conservatives should not rely on the House membership to strip the female draft provision in a separate amendment.  There are enough crazies in the chamber who might actually vote it down, as witnessed by the original vote in the Armed Services Committee.  Instead, they should go straight to the Rules Committee and demand they draft a rule automatically stripping out section 528 upon consideration on the House floor.  If they refuse to cooperate, conservatives should join with Democrats, who will oppose the bill for their own reasons, to vote down the procedural rule in consideration of the bill.

Some things are still worth fighting for, and not coercing American women into fighting for us is one of them.

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