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Jailbreak epidemic: Gang member released on $6K bail now accused of raping 12-year-old girl

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Listen carefully when you hear Republican and Democrat liberal politicians speak about criminal justice, and you will notice the term “bail reform.” Those who live in the real world probably think this means ensuring that dangerous criminals are not let out on the streets for years pending the disposition of their trials. However, it means the exact opposite. Sadly, such “reform” is already the norm in places like New York. The latest example you will never hear from the “criminal justice reform” politicians is the case of Tony Johnson of Brooklyn.

According to the New York Post, one of the few outlets covering the outrageous jailbreak cases in the city that once led the nation in reducing crime, Tony Johnson, a reputed member of the Folk Nation gang, was arrested in Brooklyn on 34 criminal charges earlier this year, including armed robbery and assault. The prosecutors asked for $225,000 bail at the March 5 arraignment, but Judge Craig Walker agreed to release him on just $6,000 bail.

After his release, according to court documents, he is accused of robbing a female on September 15, robbing a male and severely beating a female victim the following day in separate incidents, and finally kidnapping and raping a 12-year-old girl on October 8. He was arrested two days later on first-degree sexual assault and two counts of robbery. Even now, his bail is set at $105,000, not terribly high given his record and the current accusations.

The Post quotes a local detective lamenting how the politicians only seem to care about the perpetrators and springing them from jail, not the victims. “Nobody ever talks about the victims. This poor girl’s life has been ruined because they gave this guy another chance he didn’t deserve.”

Sadly, the voices of law enforcement, victims of crime, and law-abiding citizens are never heard any more. Now it’s the criminals who are the protected class. New York has enacted a new law effective this coming January that will essentially abolish bail for juveniles and for crimes that they dubiously label as “low-level,” meaning the accused will be released immediately on their own recognizance.

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