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Jennifer Rubin comes out as a 'centrist'

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The truth …

Bravo … It’s not often that I find a reason to congratulate and praise Jennifer Rubin, who has tried to pass herself off as a “conservative” for years. Rubin writes the “Right Turn” blog for the Washington Post. There’s been a change in her author biography. As recently as last week, Rubin’s bio said she offered “reported opinion from a conservative perspective.” It now says “center perspective.” The page for the “Right Turn” blog itself has not caught up with the change; it still labels the blog as “conservative.” But this is a welcome start. Thanks to Decision Desk HQ’s Varad Mehta for noticing this.

Covering up … Yesterday I told you about CRTV host Michelle Malkin calling out Jim Acosta’s labeling of Trump supporters as lacking “all their faculties in some cases.” Also yesterday, CNN’s dynamic duo of Brian Stelter and his boy wonder, Oliver Darcy, ran cover for Acosta. Stelter claimed that ever-nefarious Fox News twisted Acosta’s words, and Darcy wrote a story claiming the same.

Acosta got caught espousing what he and the crew at CNN think about those who don’t toe the leftist line. You aren’t supposed to do that – tell the truth. That is exactly what Stelter and Darcy were trying to cover up: what Acosta really thinks of people who think differently from him.

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