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Socialist Jill Stein defends North Korea’s pursuit of nukes

Conservative Review

Jill Stein, the former Green Party candidate for president who forced a recount of the 2016 election in Michigan, is baaaaaack. And she’s still proving leftism melts your brain.

Appearing on MSNBC Monday morning, Stein actually defended North Korea’s pursuit of nuclear weapons and criticized Congress for passing sanctions on Russia.

“The demonization of North Korea is part of the run-up to regime change. We saw it in Iraq, we saw it in Libya; it’s part of demonizing a government that we then want to exercise regime change on,” Stein said.  

MSNBC host Alex Witt tried to push back against the crazy, noting that it’s North Korea that is provoking the world by launching intercontinental ballistic missiles. Stein refuted, making the incredible claim that North Korea Is pursuing nuclear weapons in response to U.S. aggression.

“But remember where that came from. Long before they began their missile test, the U.S. was conducting nuclear bombing runs against North Korea. We actually had nuclear weapons until the end of the Cold War […] stationed in South Korea.”

“So this is very frightening to them. They’ve been basically cornered into feeling like they have to develop a nuclear weapon,” said this woman who wants to be president of the United States.  

Not content to apologize for one dictatorship, Stein went on to criticize the sanctions against Russia and dismiss the evidence that the Kremlin interfered in the 2016 election.

“The evidence is not definitive, it’s circumstantial,” she said.

That’s not true — the Russians absolutely attempted to interfere in the election. There’s just no evidence thus far that President Trump colluded with them to do so.

Jill Stein is clearly nutty as a fruit cake. The question is, who’s crazier? Jill Stein, for claiming the U.S. conducted “nuclear bombing runs against North Korea?” Or MSNBC, for inviting her on national television to do so?


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