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Latest Project Veritas sting shows just how biased CNN really is

Latest Project Veritas sting shows just how biased CNN really is

Project Veritas has released the third of a series of sting videos exposing CNN’s left-wing bias. Having already shown that the Russian-conspiracy coverage is nothing but a ratings game, and a “big nothingburger,” this latest video shows how CNN directly refuses to report facts opposed to their anti-Trump narrative. 

In the video, the associate producer for the network’s “New Day” program, Jimmy Carr, attacks President Trump personally, insults Kellyanne Conway’s appearance, and calls the American voter “stupid as shit.” But CNN’s hateful contempt for President Trump is well documented. What is remarkable about this video is the direct, incontrovertible evidence of CNN’s editorial process omitting facts to support their hate-filled narrative.

Asked by the undercover if CNN is an impartial news organization, Carr said that was the case “in theory.” But the reality is different. "On the inside, we all recognize [Trump] is a clown. That he is hilariously unqualified for this. He's really bad at this, and that he does not have America's best interests. We recognize he's just fucking crazy."

Carr goes on to say that 90 percent of the people at CNN, and his “direct coworkers,” agree with his feelings.

Most damning of all, however, is the evidence James O’Keefe and Project Veritas presents of selective editing by CNN to portray Trump voters as irrational conspiracy theorists.

In the Veritas video, O’Keefe plays a segment from “New Day,” hosted by Alisyn Camerota and Chris Cuomo, in which Camerota interviews a panel of Trump voters. At one point, a voter giving an anecdotal story about voter fraud in New Hampshire is asked to provide evidence of his experience.

In the eight-minute segment that aired on television, it seems like he was unable to do so. However, an hour-and-a-half of leaked audio provided to Project Veritas shows that the evidence this Trump voter cited as evidence was cut out by the show’s editors.

It has been a self- and bias-inflicted PR nightmare of late for CNN. The media organization was forced to retract a false story quoting an anonymous source that claimed a Russian bank linked to Trump ally Anthony Scaramucci was under Senate investigation. Three senior journalists at CNN handed in their resignations. Previously, Kathy Griffin and Reza Aslan’s vile attacks on President Trump cost them both their jobs.

What is clear from Project Veritas’ work here is that CNN is not a news organization; it is a left-wing propaganda outlet and an arm of the Democratic Party.

American Pravda, indeed.

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