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Levin: 'Comey is like a bad rash' and covered for the 'most guilty party' — Hillary

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Thursday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin broke down the latest news about former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and his criminal referral to prosecutors, former FBI Director James Comey's involvement with McCabe's leaks, and the upcoming inspector general report on leaks from the Clinton email investigation.

"Comey is like a bad rash," Levin said. "You know that? He's like poison ivy. You just have trouble getting rid of him."


He also wondered when Hillary Clinton will be investigated.

"When is the Hillary Clinton shoe going to drop?" Levin asked. "She is the most guilty party. She committed more felonies than anybody involved in any of this!"

"The fact is, Comey covered for Hillary Clinton, he protected Hillary Clinton."

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