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Levin: These Dem senators are 'threatening the Supreme Court ... if they don't get in line on gun control'

Conservative Review

Tuesday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin called out Senate Democrats for their blatant tyranny in warning the Supreme Court to "heal" or else face "fundamental restructuring."

Democratic Senators Sheldon Whitehouse, R.I., Dick Durbin, Ill., Richard Blumenthal, Conn., Kirsten Gillibrand, N.Y., and Mazie Hirono, Hawaii, filed a brief in a New York gun control case Monday saying the court "is not well" and must "heal itself."

"This is tyranny. ... They're threatening the United States Supreme Court. You know, it's one thing to pass a new Judiciary Act, propose new numbers on the Supreme Court, amend the Constitution — they're not doing that. They're telling the court, 'Either you rule the way we want you to rule on gun control, or we're going to attack your institution legislatively.'"


"Donald Trump has criticized judges, and he's been viciously, relentlessly attacked for it," Levin reminded listeners. "'That's an independent branch; you can't question them.' Remember? But now you have multiple senior Senate Democrats, in a brief filed in the Supreme Court for all the media to see, threatening the Supreme Court with restructuring if they don't get in line on gun control. You have Brett Kavanaugh, a sitting associate justice of the Supreme Court, being threatened by the House Judiciary Committee, which wants his records from the time he was working at the White House Counsel's office — that is a threat against a sitting justice — and constantly intimating about impeachment of that justice. You have presidential candidates, including Joe Biden, trashing the Declaration of Independence, trashing the Constitution. You have them all almost unanimously trashing free markets and capitalism, attacking the Electoral College, attacking the Second Amendment. This is an unAmerican party. It has become a radicalized, unAmerican party, rejecting the Constitution except when it thinks it can help them. ... Attacking one institution after another. It's one thing to disagree, and one thing to come up with a constitutional means for addressing them, like Article V Convention of States. But that's not what they did. They filed a brief in the Supreme Court, threatening these Supreme Court justices, making it abundantly clear that they will bring pressure to change the makeup of the court if the court does not deliver them the opinion that they want."

"This is a party that's very, very comfortable with tyranny. This is a party that's very comfortable with a centralized, iron-fisted government, as long as they run it, as long as they control it."

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