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Levin: Democrats don't want a Supreme Court — they want a 'politburo' to impose their agenda

Conservative Review

Monday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin shared his thoughts about President Donald Trump's imminent Supreme Court nominee announcement.

"The key is to pick a constitutionalist," Levin said. "Not a leftist, not a rightist — a constitutionalist. And you assume and hope that a constitutionalist will do the right thing ... whatever the issue is."

Levin noted that the Left has become increasingly extremist. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., used the term "far right" to describe conservative organizations that helped the Trump administration put together its shortlist of nominees.

"He is, of course, a disgrace who is bought and paid for by the radical socialist left of the Democrat party," Levin said.

"We must make it abundantly clear that the statist progressives on the left now consider anyone who supports the Constitution to be on the far right," he added.


"For the Democrats this isn't a Supreme Court — it's a politburo. And they want to control the politburo so they can control the politics." The ultimate goal, he said, is to "enshrine within the Constitution their political and policy agenda."

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