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Levin: Don't leave Gen. Michael Flynn on this battlefield

Conservative Review

Tuesday on his nationally syndicated radio program, LevinTV host Mark Levin read from Conservative Review foreign policy correspondent Jordan Schachtel's report on Army Lieutenant General Michael Flynn and his silencing by the Mueller probe.

“What has happened to him is an absolute, horrific injustice, and history will reveal that. But we know it today. There is no reason this man should be broke, living on a military pension. There's no reason this man should have lost his home. There's no reason this man should have been charged, period, and yet Hillary Clinton, and all the rest of them: They're not charged. They're celebrated," Levin said.

Though General Flynn refuses to use his publicity as leverage for financial aid, Levin called on listeners donate to Flynn, through a page created by his family.

"When I saw that Peter Strzok, who was fired for what he tried to do to this country and did do to this country, his interference in our election, that the Left raised over half a million dollars for this man, I said this can't stand. ... We will rally to General Flynn. We will rally to him and give him a hand. After all, he spent 33 years protecting us.”


“I consider this an act of patriotism. ... Let us not leave him on this battlefield; let us not forget him. Let us not allow the Left, the media, and the Obama holdovers, the deep state, so to speak, let us not allow them to have the final say here," Levin said.

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