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Levin: If you don't like authoritarianism, big government and the Left isn't the answer

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On Sunday, LevinTV host Mark Levin was interviewed by the Daily Wire's Ben Shapiro about his new book, "Unfreedom of the Press" on Shapiro's Sunday Special show. In a wide-ranging discussion, these two giants of conservative media touched on why the news media is so distrusted, the progressive roots of modern journalism, President Donald Trump's record, and conservatism itself.

Shapiro, 35, asked Levin to explain why he thinks the news media today is so distrusted compared to how previous generations felt about the news. Levin explained that more competition and the advent of the internet has exposed how networks like CNN report the same narratives every day without diversity of opinion.

"They so hate Trump they can't control themselves," the 61-year-old Levin said.


Asked if journalists should stop trying to pretend to be objective, Levin said the answer to bias in media is "technology."

"The answer is progressive creativity, not ideology, progressive creativity," he said.

Technology and the internet gives conservatives a resource to develop ways to compete with the mainstream media, Levin explained.

Later in the program, Shapiro asked Levin how he became a conservative. Levin said he's always been a conservative because he's always been skeptical of authoritarianism.

"Autocracy is a bad thing whether it's practiced one-on-one on the playground or whether it's practiced by government," Levin said. "And that's why I started to say, 'Wait a minute, I like liberty. I like individualism. I like to be left alone, I like to kinda do what I want to do.' And if that's the way you think, then big government and the Left is not the answer."

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