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Levin gives an in-depth history lesson on impeachment that Dems and the media won't want you to see

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In their drive to impeach President Donald Trump, Democrats are throwing out all previous historical precedent and shutting the president and the American people out of it, says LevinTV host Mark Levin.

"This is the first time in American history that we have a rogue speaker of the House and a small-majority Democrat Party in the House of Representatives that's trying to drag our country in a different direction," Levin explained on Sunday night's episode of Life, Liberty & Levin on Fox. "They have rejected, completely and utterly, the background of the impeachment process when it comes to presidents of the United States."

The best-selling author and former Reagan administration official meticulously went over the history of the previous three presidential impeachment processes in American history in order to illustrate how much House Democrats have departed from that historical guidance in their efforts to oust and undermine President Trump.

In addition to failing to hold a full House vote on the matter, Levin explained, minority party members of investigating committees have not been given the same investigative powers as they were during previous impeachment efforts. These same process concerns were also laid out in a letter from the White House last week, explaining why the "Executive Branch cannot be expected to participate."

To make his point, Levin referred to a House Judiciary Committee resolution from former President Bill Clinton's impeachment in October 1998, in which top committee Democrats were given those powers and the inquiry was authorized by a vote of the whole House before it began.

"That's not happening today," the host remarked. "The Democrats are the only ones who can issue subpoenas and call witnesses and cross-examine and all the rest of it."

The 1998 document also explains that the committee found it necessary to have its investigation authorized by a House vote because "the issue of impeachment is of such overwhelming importance, the Committee decided that it must receive authorization from the full House before proceeding on any further course of action," as well as the fact that the same historical precedent was set by the House's impeachment efforts against Presidents Andrew Johnson and Richard Nixon.

In contrast, Levin said, the current impeachment effort announced by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., has afforded none of the same due process.

"This isn't the way America does things; this isn't the way our Constitution's intended to work," Levin concluded. "The Democrat Party has hijacked the House of Representatives. It doesn't speak for the full House, because the full House hasn't spoken. The Democrat Party is pushing this impeachment. This is a Democrat Party impeachment, as I've been saying, a silent coup effort. This is why they dispense with all the traditions involving the last three presidents who went through this process."


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