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Levin: 'The goal' is to 'reach a point where we don't have to fight these kinds of wars'

Conservative Review

Thursday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin replayed the story of the D-Day invasion on the beaches of Normandy to remind listeners of the tremendous cost of liberty.

"If we had lost on D-Day, we would've lost the war. You could say that about a number of battles, but this one in particular. And the casualties were enormous. Enormous. And yet these brave young men — young men — put their lives on the line, many of them knowing they wouldn't survive," Levin said.

Levin added that America has bases abroad for the very purpose of preventing such wars and such large American casualties from happening again.

"See, the goal is to try and reach a point where we don't have to fight these kinds of wars, by other efforts in advance of these wars. To recognize growing powers, growing tyrannies, genocidal movements, and try and deal with them before they get too big. Because if they get too big, then the casualties to the world, particularly this country, are significant. That's why when people say, 'Well, why do we have, you know, a fort over here and a base over here and a this over there? They're seven thousand miles way.' Well, why do you think? To prevent another Third Reich. To prevent a new Soviet Union. To protect us before it gets out of hand."


"This is what we need: more history lessons. Isn't it? Listening to this makes you enormously proud, doesn't it? And enormously angry that so many Americans had to be slaughtered like this. And in many ways disgusted with the modern day politics in this country. I'm not kidding. People who compare the president to Hitler. Do they know who Hitler was? People who talk about this nation as racist. Do they know what racism is?"

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