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Levin: Here's the Russian interference context the lying media won't give you

Conservative Review

Monday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin pushed back on the one-sided commentary attacking President Trump for how he handled his meeting with Vladimir Putin. He noted that Trump is being held to a different standard than former President Barack Obama.

"Now I understand there will be those out there who say, 'Look, we're focused on Trump. Why do you want to talk about Obama?' I want to talk about both because the hypocrisy — in fact, the bald-faced lying — is so obvious that you have to talk in context," Levin said.

Levin played 2017 audio of former President Barack Obama acknowledging that the Russians tried to interfere in the U.S. election. Levin pointed out that Obama himself said Putin's election interference must be confronted in a "thoughtful, methodical way," some of it publicly, some of it privately.

Levin argued that while Russian election interference was happening, Obama never confronted Putin publicly and the media was silent. But now the media is excoriating Trump for failing to ream Putin at a public press conference.

"Context is everything," Levin said. "And they're not giving you context, are they?"


Mocking the different standards for Obama and Trump, Levin gave an impression of what he thinks members of the media sound like they're telling Trump today:

"By God, you should've stood up there today and said, 'Hey, Putin look what you did! Look what you did! Admit it! Admit it now! I've got the cuffs in my back pocket, and I'm going to cuff you and drag you off the damn stage!'"

"Is this a joke?" Levin asked seriously. "It sounds like a joke."

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