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Levin: Joe Biden's 'Marxist pablum' on the Constitution is 'a direct assault on the country'

Levin: Joe Biden's 'Marxist pablum' on the Constitution is 'a direct assault on the country'

Wednesday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin gave listeners the history lesson Joe Biden never got on the Constitution's so-called "three-fifths compromise."

Biden derided the Constitution on Tuesday for having never lived up to its ideals of equality. Levin played a clip: "American history is not a fairy-tale. The battle for the soul of the nation has been a constant push and pull for 243 years between the American ideal that says we're all created equal and harsh reality that racism has long torn us apart. The same document that promised to secure the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity also allowed for slavery and the so-called 'three-fifths compromise' that discounted the very humanity of black people in America at the time. The honest truth is both elements are part of the American character. At our best, the American ideal wins out. But it's never a rout, it's always a fight, and it's a battle that is never fully finished. Go back to the beginning. Thomas Jefferson wrote what many believe to be the most important civil document in human history. And he was a slaveholder. We've never lived up to our American ideals; Jefferson himself didn't. But what he wrote has pulled us towards justice for more than two centuries and still does."

Levin called this "the Marxist pablum that you get in every college and university that gives tenure to Marxists."

"So one of the victims, then, of the slaughter that took place over the weekend is the Constitution," Levin said. "Because Joe Biden is the leading Democrat for president of the United States on the Democrat side, and he just trashed the Constitution of the United States. If the Constitution of the United States ... is a document of white supremacy, then what about the office of the presidency that Joe Biden seeks?"

"This is a direct assault not on the president ... but on the country. A direct assault on the country."


"The three-fifths vote, as I've talked about before, was a proposal by the North to limit the number of seats apportioned to the South because of slavery. The North didn't say that African-Americans are three-fifths of a person, as a moral imperative. The North said that for purposes of assigning House seats to the South, that slaves, that African-Americans, will count as three-fifths. In other words, the North proposed that for the purpose of limiting and weakening the representation in the House of Representatives by the slave states.

"Joe Biden is not only an ignoramus, he's a horrific demagogue. And I've heard this 3/5th issue since I was in high school, and it was a lie, and I researched it and I studied it. We know why it was proposed, we know who proposed it, we know why they proposed it, as I said. The Constitution of the United States ends the importation of slaves 20 years after its adoption. Why didn't it end it immediately? Because there would be no Constitution. Because Georgia and South Carolina threatened to walk out of the Constitutional Convention. There would have been no United States of America, there would have been no subsequent Civil War eliminating slavery and the slave states and territories — none. When Joe Biden says we've been struggling with this issue for 243 years, he doesn't talk about any of the years up to, including, and after the Civil War — not once. Because that would hurt his narrative.

"When you look at America, and when you have a man who has been vice president of the United States and U.S. senator under that Constitution he now denounces, who's been on the public payroll and has gotten rich as a senator and vice president under the Constitution he now denounces, it is incredible that he has no comprehension whatsoever of American history," Levin said.

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