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Levin: The media 'cannot tolerate any divergent views. Period'

Conservative Review

Thursday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin shared an opinion piece from TheConversation.com, titled, "Fox News isn't the problem, it's the media's obsession with Fox News."

"It's amazing how many other media outlets write stories, and more than once, about Fox. It's amazing how it is attacked relentlessly on CNN and MSNBC and on network programs," Levin said.

He pointed out that the Left does not try to dig up dirt on any news organization besides Fox.

"You will never see articles from the New York Times, or the New Yorker, or any of those sort of platforms, about who runs MSNBC, who runs NBC, who's the Svengali behind ABC and CBS, or CNN, or any of the rest of it. You'll never see it. Because Fox News is different."


Levin explained that the problem for the Left is not that Fox News is conservative; it's that Fox News is not "wholly on the Left."

"They cannot tolerate any, any divergent views. Period. This is the progressive mindset. They cannot tolerate debate — you must be racist. They cannot tolerate intellectual diversity; instead they try to destroy you. That's what's going on. You have other media outlets trying to destroy Fox News," Levin said.

"That's why this is not a free press. It is an unfree press, and what's taking place in this country is a monopolization, a consolidation of ideology in these various, particularly national, news organizations. That becomes propaganda, not press. That becomes propaganda, not news. That becomes propaganda, not the objective truth," Levin said.

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