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Levin on Mueller probe conclusions: ‘This report is a joke’

Conservative Review

On Monday evening, LevinTV host Mark Levin began his radio program discussing the legacy media’s attacks on the First Amendment and the freedom of the press, along with the controversial report on Russian interference by special counsel Robert Mueller.

“This report is a joke,” Levin said of the Mueller report. “Mr. Mueller was not required to write a report like this. He was not required to write 400 pages. He was not required to talk about obstruction when he didn’t charge somebody.”

“And of course the media and the Democrats in Congress … they’re fully in police state mode,” Levin continued.

“Tell us about collusion for two and a half years. They knew there wasn’t any collusion,” he added. “You had individuals in the [Obama] Department of Justice that were working with the Hillary Clinton go-between, Fusion GPS, and you had Hillary Clinton and the DNC funding all of this, and the Obama administration embracing it and promoting it.”

“Now you have the Democrats, they moved on from collusion to obstruction. But there is no obstruction. Nothing was obstructed. Not a damn thing was obstructed.”


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