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Levin: 'There is no Mueller report. It's a Weissmann report'

Conservative Review

Wednesday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin explained that the only takeaway from former special counsel Robert Mueller's congressional hearing is that the real author of the 400-page Mueller report appears to be Andrew Weissmann.

"I want to thank the Democrat Party today for this hearing — actually two hearings," Levin said. "I want to thank them, because they just killed impeachment. See, this was an impeachment trial. They used to call them 'the best and the brightest.' Now they're the worst and the dumbest. Unbelievable. Robert Mueller. I'm not going to mock him, as they would mock him if he were testifying for the other side, but what you saw today ... was a fraud, a ruse, that has been perpetrated against the American people. There is no Mueller report. It's a Weissmann report. There is no Mueller special counsel. It was the Weissmann special counsel. Weissmann. And this little bastard — that's right, I said it! — Weissmann, who destroyed Arthur Andersen and 80,000 jobs — in a 9-0 decision, Supreme Court, that reversed him on this very issue of obstruction of justice. He's the invisible hand that's been behind the whole damn thing, from day one. ... This wasn't a special counsel office; this wasn't an office of prosecutors. This was an office of Democrat activists who happen to be attorneys in the government. And they had the power to use criminal law and processes and tools to advance a political agenda, even though they failed. That's why they were so hot to get Manafort."


"There was no obstruction of justice. That's exactly why Mueller didn't push the issue. Or I should say Weissmann — Weissmann did not push the issue of obstruction of justice. Now why? ... 'Cause he didn't have a case. Nobody knew better than Weissmann that he didn't have a case," Levin said.

"Just keep fighting them, Mr. President. You're going to win. Because in the end ... the Constitution and the law are on your side. They're on your side," Levin said.

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