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Levin sets the media 'knee-jerkers' straight on Trump's standoff with Iran

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Wednesday night on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin lambasted media and political speculation and overreaction to recent increased tensions between the Trump administration and the Iranian regime.

Media pundits and politicians have been speculating that recent displays of strength against the regime are a repeat of what led to the invasion of Iraq 16 years ago, but Levin pointed out that those making the claims aren't operating with all the facts.

"Something has happened, where this president, who's no interventionist ... has great concern," Levin explained. "And as I've been reading the media and trying to figure out what's going on, all I get is a lot of opinion and pablum, that this is Iraq under George W. Bush, that this is another phony issue like weapons of mass destruction, they argue, they write."

During the segment, Levin reminded listeners what Iran is capable of, what the nation has done in the past, and that if it is legitimately threatening us, then all this media speculation about an Iraq war redux makes no sense.

"If Iran is indeed threatening our military personnel and our military assets, if Iran is indeed planning to cut off navigable international waters to prevent 20 percent of the world from receiving oil that comes out of the Middle East, if Iran is preparing a massive provocative action, both militarily and economically, why are these newspapers attacking Donald Trump?" Levin wondered. "Is it always politics at all times? Because it seems to be."

"But we don't have all the facts. So why are all the knee-jerkers out there going on and on about how this is, oh, weapons of mass destruction like Iraq? ... This president isn't dragged into anything. He has a mind of his own."


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