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Levin slams Joe Biden for race-baiting: 'This is a party saturated in racism'

Conservative Review

Wednesday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin said that expected 2020 presidential candidate former VP Joe Biden is "humiliating himself."

Levin played recent audio of Biden lamenting that there were "a bunch of white guys" on the Senate Judiciary Committee, including himself as chairman, during Justice Clarence Thomas' confirmation hearing, suggesting that the race and sex of these senators made it an unfair hearing for Thomas' sexual harassment accuser, Anita Hill.

"This plays in to the radical race theme of the hard Left," Levin said.


Levin said it is "pretty sickening that this is how you have to talk, or you you think you have to talk if you're a white guy who wants to be nominated in the modern Democrat Party, which used to love white guys and hate black guys, as I seem to recall. This is a party saturated in racism. Soaked in racism."

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