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Levin: Trump is shown 'unparalleled' disrespect

Conservative Review

Tuesday, in hour two of his radio program, CRTV host Mark Levin predicted the media will be obsessed with the spectacle of Trump's State of the Union address and will pay no attention to the "unparalleled" disrespect that is shown to the president.

"In this State of the Union, the media will be focusing a lot on the malcontents and the miscreants that will be populating the gallery, brought in by the Democrats," Levin said. "Illegal immigrants, among others — I don't know what else they're bringing in, but it will be a real Star Wars scene."


Expanding on the Democrats' disrespect, Levin described how they are in a "perpetual hate mode" for two reasons: First, because President Trump is undoing President Obama's destructive policies; second, because President Trump is advancing "fairly conservative policies." For these reasons and others, the Democrats and the media oppose this president.

Levin addressed how despite this hatred, President Trump will attempt to reach bipartisan compromise with the Democrats on progressive policies like amnesty for illegal immigrants and deficit-busting infrastructure legislation.

Levin warned against compromising with a progressive political party that is trying to destroy the president. The goal should be to defeat the Democrats, not to unite with them as they prepare to stab Trump in the back.

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