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Listen: The case for declaring war on the federal courts

Conservative Review

This audio was originally published by The Federalist Society here and has been republished with permission, here.  

CR’s senior editor, Daniel Horowitz, delivered a speech at a tele-townhall for the Federalist Society’s practice group (Administrative Law and Regulation) outlining his call to action in his book, Stolen Sovereignty: How to Stop Unelected Judges from Transforming America.  Specifically, Daniel made the case why the federal judiciary as it is currently constituted is irremediably broken.  Contrary to popular thinking, Daniel believes that even if Republicans win this election, the courts have already irretrievably crossed the rubicon into post-constitutional Gomorrah.  Congress and the state judiciaries must take the power away from the courts on critical public policy issues that should never have been within the purview of the federal court system. 

In a passionate and engaging town hall, Daniel makes it clear that if nothing is done about the courts in the coming years elections will not only be rendered moot by their decisions, but conservatives won’t be able to win elections in the first place.

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