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LOL: WaPo still thinks Jennifer Rubin is 'conservative'

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The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin is at it again. The “conservative” blogger is once again acting like the liberal she lived her life as prior to writing for the Washington Post. This time, Rubin is attacking Donald Trump’s reaction to yet another jihadi attack in the United Kingdom. In doing so, she falls into the leftist trap of not understanding that Trump is trying to protect Americans.

Here’s what Rubin had to say:

Meanwhile — and it pains me to write this — our president acted like a clod, a heartless and dull-witted thug in sending out a series of tweets. He — commander in chief and leader of the Free World — first retweeted an unverified, unofficial Drudge headline about the unfolding terrorist attack. Then he aimed to bolster his Muslim travel ban (which is not supposed to be a Muslim travel ban). “We need to be smart, vigilant and tough,” he tweeted. “We need the courts to give us back our rights. We need the Travel Ban as an extra level of safety!” (Aside from the inappropriateness of President Trump’s tweet, he fails to grasp that the courts in these cases are reaffirming our rights against an overreaching, discriminatory edict.)

It “pains her to write this”? If it were acceptable to my editors journalistically accepted to insert an eye-roll emoji, I would do so right here. Rubin has been a constant critic of this president, even when he has done things she herself has previously advocated — for instance, when she attacked Trump over pulling out of the Paris climate accords. Sean Davis at The Federalist wrote about how Rubin went on the offense against Trump on the accord.

If you want to see a case study in how blind anti-Trumpism corrupts the brain and renders an individual incapable of basic reason, look no further than Jennifer Rubin, the faux conservative blogger for the Washington Post. On Wednesday, following the publication of several news reports indicating that President Donald Trump planned to withdraw the U.S. from the toothless 2015 Paris global warming deal, Rubin declared that Trump’s move was a disaster, proof that he hated science, and ironclad evidence that he was far too stupid to be president.

But as Davis goes on to discuss, when the Paris accord was being signed, Rubin was steadfastly against it. Here’s what she tweeted at the time. 

The only thing that changed from then until now was who was president.

Back to the suspension of visas for citizens of terrorism hot spots. Rubin writes that Trump “fails to grasp that the courts in these cases are reaffirming our rights against an overreaching, discriminatory edict.” That is a purely leftist argument. Non-citizens have very little right to entry to this country, and the last I checked, Rubin was not a foreign national.

It isn’t just Trump’s response to the jihad attack. The Washington Post reported Wednesday morning on Attorney General Jeff Sessions ending the practice of allowing Justice Department civil settlements to be funneled to “charities” instead of the U.S. Treasury – as also abused by the Obama administration.

The “DOJ slush fund” was used by the Obama administration to fund left-wing groups whose “charity” was fighting conservatives. Mike Huckabee called it “worse than a mafia shakedown.” Here’s how Rubin responded, via Twitter. 

Rubin covers for her cocktail-party leftist friends and makes it seem like Sessions is going to take money out of the hands of charities that feed the poor, or save puppies. It would be disingenuous to say that Rubin is ignorant about the underlying case, because she undoubtedly knows exactly what she is doing.

As I explored in March, prior to joining the Washington Post, Rubin was a lifelong liberal whose California friends don’t understand why she’s now writing as a conservative.

Just remember: When the Washington Post tries to pass off Rubin as their “conservative” voice, that’s pretty much #FakeNews.

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