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Rubio: Obama reached out to Cuban regime; Trump to the people

Conservative Review

On Friday, Senator Marco Rubio, R-Fla., delivered remarks in Miami before President Trump gave a speech announcing his administration’s reversal of President Obama’s Cuba policy. In his speech, Sen. Rubio took a shot at that Cuba policy, accusing the prior administration of empowering the oppressive Castro regime.

“A year and a half ago an American president landed in Havana to outstretch his hand to a regime,” Rubio said. “Today a new president lands in Miami to reach out his hand to the people of Cuba.”

“Many will characterize this as an effort to punish the Cuban regime,” Rubio said of the administration’s new policy. “But more than anything else this change empowers the people of Cuba. Not the government. Not the regime. But the people, so that they can enjoy the freedom and the liberty with a very clear message: America is prepared to outstretch its hand and work with the people of Cuba, but we will not, we will not empower their oppressors!”

What a refreshing break from the last president.

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