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Mark Levin interviews Dr. Sebastian Gorka on the war for America's soul

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Thursday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin interviewed former deputy assistant to President Trump Dr. Sebastian Gorka about his upcoming book, "The War for America's Soul."

Gorka told Levin that he was inspired to write his book after an encounter at his daughter's college, where he was called an "effing Nazi" because he worked for Trump. "That's the level of indoctrination we have in this country today," said Gorka, whose parents suffered under Nazi occupation.

Levin asked Gorka about the third chapter of his book, where he details the history of the Left's plan to destroy America and remake the nation into a socialist country. Gorka explained how the modern Democratic Party has been shaped by 80 years of radical progressive planning to advance socialism.


"The Democrat Party has become the radical left-wing party of anti-Semites and America-haters," Gorka said.

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