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Mark Levin is SO ready for Dems and RINOS to keep this promise

Conservative Review

Thursday on his radio program, CRTV host Mark Levin explained why he is not scared of a government shutdown and why you shouldn't be either.

"The government shut down for nearly a month under Jimmy Carter," Levin said. "And nobody noticed."


Democrats and some progressive Republicans are threatening to shut down the government to grant amnesty to illegal aliens. They should stop threatening Levin with a good time.

"Here's the irony, the very programs and policies that the Democrats and the liberals promote, most of them will be limited," Levin pointed out. "So the Democrats are saying, 'Hey! We're gonna commit hara-kiri unless you give us what we want.' And I say, let them commit hara-kiri! Let them say, 'We stand for the illegal alien against the American citizen.' Let them say it!"

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