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Mark Levin shreds NY Times columnist Bret Stephens: 'He's an attack dog'

Conservative Review

Monday on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin criticized the media for wildly speculating about President Trump's mental health and attacking the president while he attended the G7 summit in France.

"These people are doing enormous damage to this country," Levin said. "And they're doing it while the president of the United States is at this G7 meeting, while he's staring down communist China, while he's staring down fascist Russia."

Levin called out the New York Times' token "conservative" columnist, Bret Stephens, for declaring the president is "either mentally ill or morally unfit" on "Meet the Press" Sunday.

Bret Stephens "contributes nothing to the national dialogue," Levin said. "He's an attack dog, and so they bring him on to be an attack dog."


"This is a guy who writes for the New York Times and does the Sunday shows. He's an absolute lowlife and a buffoon," Levin said.

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