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Mexicans are paying in blood for our Central American amnesty policies

Conservative Review

Evidently, it’s not in vogue for politicians to care about the ill effects of illegal immigration on Americans, but perhaps it’s politically correct to finally take action based on what our open border is doing to Mexico.

According to information released this week by Mexico’s interior ministry, a record 33,341 murder probes were opened in Mexico last year. That in itself is a 15 percent increase from 2017’s record of 28,866. In 2014, the number of murders in Mexico stood at 16,108 after peaking the previous years during the decade-long drug war between the Mexican government and the cartels. Why has the number of homicides doubled since 2014? The rival cartels are fighting with each other to gain control over the lucrative smuggling routes, because of the DACA amnesty driving the smuggling from Central America.

What has happened over the past few years? In fiscal year 2012, before Obama enacted his illegal DACA program, in which Central Americans were encouraged to come here with children and never be deported, the number of family units caught at our border from the northern triangle countries (El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala) was 1,489. By FY 2014, that number surged to 61,334. In FY 2018, it was up to 103,509, but most of the surge was in the latter part of the year, a trajectory that has only grown this year without any plateau. The numbers will likely top 200,000 for FY 2019.

Likewise, the number of UACs in FY 2011 from those same three countries was 3,912. It exploded to 51,705 just three years later, a baseline that has held steady the past year and a half.

The rise in UACs grew with DACA, and the rise in family units with kids rose with recent court opinions on top of the promise of “dream” amnesty.

The trip northward is no picnic. Every Central American must pay $5,000-$10,000 to be smuggled through Mexico and eventually over our border. They either have to pay the money to whichever cartel controls that given plaza, or they have to work it off by doing drug smuggling or other work for the cartels. The women are forced to pay either by being raped by those in charge or by serving in brothels.

As Jaeson Jones, retired captain in the Texas Department of Public Safety, said on my podcast earlier this month, “Children and people are now a commodity to the drug cartels.” He explained that the way the cartels make their money is “through controlling the plazas throughout Mexico.” “Once you're in control of a plaza, everything that moves through is paid for,” he said. “That's why they battle for control of that space. It's also why you are not going to enter the United States without working and contracting with the Mexican cartels.”

Thus, the Central American wave of migration spawned by unique magnets in our legal system has now forced the Mexican people to deal with the cascading effects of hundreds of thousands of migrants coming through their territory and empowering the cartels. Not only does the promise of amnesty for “children” empower evil-doers, it also creates endless bloodshed between the cartels both at Mexico’s southern border and its northern border, competing for the business of the migrants. Much of this bloodshed spills over to innocent victims not engaged in cartel warfare.

Consider this tragic absurdity of the amnesty-driven migration. The political class and the media lie to us by suggesting that bogus asylum helps people escape violence (which is not synonymous with persecution, the legal requirement for asylum). As I’ve explained before, violence in Central America, while is still high by our standards, has plummeted since before the migration of Central Americans. Overall, while asylum petitions have spiked by 1,744 percent since 2009, homicide has dropped 16 percent in El Salvador, 35 percent in Honduras, and 43 percent in Guatemala.

But it gets even more absurd. Migration from Mexico to the U.S. is actually down, even as violence skyrockets there. The number of family units crossing from Mexico is down almost 50 percent since FY 2015. So this has absolutely nothing to do with violence and everything to do with Central Americans coming for economic reasons and to “reunite” with illegal family members already here.

Pelosi and Schumer are selling their policies as compassionate to those suffering from violence, yet their policies are actually inducing unimaginable violence upon the Mexicans while the Mexicans aren’t even coming here any more in large numbers. Yet violence is down in Central America, and Central Americans are more likely to experience violence while making the trip.

American blood from the endless criminal alien crime doesn’t seem to motivate our politicians to act, but will the blood of Mexicans make it fashionable for them to care?

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