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Moore v. Strange: The most important Senate race in a generation

Conservative Review

It’s not an exaggeration to suggest that the Alabama Senate primary is the most important Senate election of our generation. That is because this is not just about filling one conservative Senate seat; this is about the future of the Republican Party and perhaps the opening shot that will create momentum for a new political party in America — one that will challenge the uniparty of Republicrats and Democans.

We don’t have two parties in America. We have one unibrow party that serves various sectors of the special interest cartels, which both lead to the growth of government and the furtherance of cultural Marxism. The only difference is that Republicans run against the system they wind up supporting in order to forestall any competition from the Right. Thus, until now they have been successful in fending off primary challenges because they use their cartel money to run as conservatives and even paint their conservative challengers as liberals. This subterfuge has worked every time. Then they get re-elected and govern like Democrats.

CNBC’s Jake Novak observed that “the parties were becoming less discernible from each other” aside from trite campaign rhetoric. “They pull donations from the same entities with just a few exceptions, and have similar track records when it comes to enduring challenges like controlling the debt, reining in health care costs, or improving the infrastructure, despite their rhetoric to the contrary.”

What matters in Washington is less about Right vs. Left, Big Government vs. constitutional government, or cultural Marxism vs. traditional American values. What matters are the desires, priorities, and focus of the top lobbyists in town.

Which is where the Alabama Senate race comes in. This one election is critical for a number of reasons:

  1. It is the first time the establishment smear campaign and lies appear not to be working. Roy Moore is a known quantity in Alabama. Nothing the establishment throws at him seems to work. This could be a new paradigm for disarming special interest money.

  2. Judge Moore has bucked the entire system, on what is perhaps the most important issue of our time, more than anyone else. The biggest crisis we face in our system of governance is the trading of the elected legislature for the unelected judiciary as the law-making body of America. Nobody even challenges the idea of judicial supremacism, no matter how consequential the issue. Electing Judge Moore would be a game-changer because it would put an originalist in the Senate, which is more important than putting one on the courts.

  3. A Moore win would be the first primary defeat from the Right of a sitting senator who had not only the support of his party but the support of a sitting Republican president. To my knowledge, this has never happened in modern history during a GOP administration.

  4. At this juncture, a Moore win could either open the floodgates for successful primary challenges or serve as the impetus for a new party built upon the true outsider agenda Trump campaigned on but ultimately betrayed.

Politico drove home this point in an article titled, “McConnell’s mortal enemy might soon be in his caucus.” The piece quotes members of the Swamp shaking in their boots about a man who doesn’t just campaign as a conservative but was actually willing to lose his job in order to stand for the Constitution. John Cornyn lamented, “Look at his track record.” Yes, a man who actually believes in the Senate’s power to legislate, not the judiciary.

The most telling quote was from Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., about establishment candidate Luther Strange:

“I hope he makes it, ’cause if there’s no place for Luther Strange, then we’re all in trouble.”

Indeed! That’s the point. They understand this might be the race that finally breaks the mold of cartel-controlled politics. McConnell has deployed all of the NRSC staff he could muster plus $7 million in TV ads painting Moore as the liberal or corrupt candidate. It’s not working. Within one week, the entire scam of the existing GOP could unravel.

It’s just a shame that the man who ran for president on this very platform has decided to throw in with the other side. If nothing else, this race seems like a good indication that the movement for an authentic alternative to the Democrat Party will live on past Donald Trump.

Editor's note: Daniel Horowitz has endorsed Roy Moore in the Alabama Senate election.

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