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The Mueller probe perfectly serves Russia’s agenda

Conservative Review

The ongoing special counsel investigation led by Robert Mueller is a dream come true for the Kremlin.

For almost one hundred years, Russia has engaged in a concerted effort to undermine the U.S. position in the world, through a variety of strategies designed to challenge America’s moral authority. Since the 1920s, Russian active measures have sought to shape world institutions, manipulate the media, sow internal discord, and destabilize Western alliance structures, all for the purpose of advancing Russia's strategic positioning.

There’s no better gift to Russia than a continuing investigation that serves to delegitimize the authority of the American president, who is of course the man in charge of the nation Russia considers its chief adversary, regardless of whether the United States is led by a Republican or a Democrat.

The Mueller probe serves as a direct challenge to the president’s duly elected mandate under the Constitution. Helped along by the media and leftist partisans, the special counsel has sowed doubt in the minds of the American people about whether the president is a legitimate commander-in-chief. Although zero evidence has surfaced to show that President Trump colluded with Russia to win the election (as many in the media and Left have claimed), the Mueller investigation provides enough hope for partisans to keep a grip on their wildest dreams that culminate in the president’s removal from office.

So far, the Mueller probe has produced a handful of guilty pleas for lying to the FBI, none of which have anything to do with collusion and two of which came under sketchy circumstances. It has also resulted in Paul Manafort and Rick Gates pleading guilty to charges that stemmed from a scheme that was conducted over a decade ago. On Friday, the special counsel indicted thirteen Russian nationals who conducted a low-budget social media ad buy and bipartisan trolling campaign, on charges that they interfered in the 2016 election. On Tuesday, Mueller nabbed the son of an eastern European oligarch for lying to the FBI about which month he last spoke to Rick Gates.

One of these men who supposedly lied to the FBI was Gen. Michael Flynn, someone who has dedicated his life to serving his country. He appears to have been strong-armed into pleading guilty to the charge. This comes as evidence continues to surface that both former FBI Director James Comey and other top FBI officials disagree with the special counsel’s assessment that he lied to the Bureau.

Nonetheless, the guilty pleas have reinvigorated the Left’s hopes that Trump will be taken down by the Mueller investigation. Because Mueller has failed to generate information confirming their fantasies of “Trump-Russia” collusion, many on the Left are now positing, without evidence, that these low-level pleas are part of Mueller’s supposed strategy of “working up the head of the snake.”

It has been almost a year since the Mueller special counsel team commenced its investigation, which was supposed to investigate Russian interference, but was really initiated with the intention to prove collusion theories originally sourced to Russian nationals. The entirety of the mainstream media, along with domestic and foreign intelligence agencies, have failed to provide any evidence that the president in any way colluded with Russia to make his way into the Oval Office. Until his investigation is over — or until his firing — Mueller presides over a special counsel that challenges the president’s mandate to the lead the country and helps Moscow in ensuring that our country stays a divided nation.

Editor's note: This article has been updated to correct "nothing" to "anything" in the sentence, "So far, the Mueller probe has produced a handful of guilty pleas for lying to the FBI, none of which have anything to do with collusion ..."

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