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Obamacare gangsters now lobbying for amnesty

Conservative Review

Just how powerful a political force are illegal immigrants? The entire health care cartel is now putting its weight behind amnesty. No, not amnesty from Obamacare for American citizens; the demand is for amnesty plus citizenship for illegal immigrants.

You might be wondering what the health care lobby has to do with the open borders lobby. Well, for one, we are seeing in this generation a growing phenomenon of ideological logrolling, whereby all the powerful institutions have to support all of the other left-wing ideas of their colleagues in order to remain in good standing. This is how we get the force of the entire political class behind every bad idea. This is the point Jeff Sessions made a few years ago in his landmark “masters of the universe” speech.

What is the cartel’s stated reason for backing “Dream” amnesty? The 70 health care groups, including top power brokers such as the American Medical Association (AMA), sent a letter to congressional leaders hyping the need for more “diverse” health care providers:

By providing a legal pathway to permanent residency for undocumented Americans brought to the U.S. as children, Congress can help our country produce a diverse and culturally responsive health care workforce to meet the needs of underserved populations, improve cultural awareness, and promote health equity.

With the nation’s population growing and becoming increasingly diverse, it is crucial that the health professions workforce respond to the changing demographics of the country to mitigate racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic health disparities. Research demonstrates that diversity in the health professions leads to improvements in access to care for underserved communities, and some studies have shown that patients report greater satisfaction with clinical care when they are treated by providers from the same racial/ethnic background.

There are no words in the English language to describe the degree of audacity in this request. The AMA and its cohorts have served as an ad hoc labor union for the incumbent health care regime, using the boot of government in every state to restrict the supply of health care providers, block innovation and competition, and diminish the quality of health care delivery. Much as the governments’ relationship with the American Bar Association in the legal profession, state and federal governments have written statutes and regulations in a way that has granted the AMA a monopoly over health care.

Whether it’s the monopoly over medical school accreditation and physician licensing, the blocking of competition through certificates of need, placing barriers against telemedicine, or the complete control over funding of Graduate Medical Education and medical coding, the AMA is behind almost every obstruction to innovation. It has succeeded in shielding the incumbent powers in the health care industry from the competitive market forces that are benefitting consumers in almost every other industry.

As such, why in the world would these lobbyists, who greatly desire to restrict the supply of health care and limit the number of people in medical school, suddenly get on board with the amnesty agenda and claim it’s to get more people into the medical field? The answer lies in their nine references to “diversity” in this one-page letter. The religion of cultural Marxism is the password if you want to remain among the “masters of the universe.” It’s the same reason why they promote gun control in medicine. Ever wonder why recently you are often asked leftist questions by your physician, such as whether you own a gun? It’s unlikely that your personal physician cares to ask this question; it’s that the AMA has used its government power to mandate it.

Some might think these letters are insignificant, but remember, the AMA is to date the fourth biggest spender on lobbying in 2017. That is what gets the attention of the politicians.

We are living through the ultimate breach of the social compact expressed through consent-based governance in the Declaration of Independence. We have a government focused on non-Americans and the interests of select groups of American lobbyists. This is why we have a government that is maniacally focused on bailing out and empowering the insurance cartel, granting amnesty, and giving payoffs to parochial interests but that couldn’t care less about protecting all Americans from North Korea. The government of a republic must derive its power from the consent of the governed and represent the “whole people” for the common good, not narrow-minded interests and certainly not foreign nationals.

Will our government ever return to its duty?

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